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Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 09/01/2010

Sorry. I haven’t been able to whip this car thing into shape. I wrote a long kudzu unravel on the American car biz, then got a massive headache last night, and ended up falling back into the whole “Tila Tequila” Nguyen-Casey Johnson-Courtenay SemelJazmine LeonardNicky Hilton Hollywood clusterlick on the tabnet or interloid or whatever the sordid part of the net is called, and then I kinda fell into snooze mode.

I’d say shame on me, but shame is overrated. I will say that I’m so ngognog ngogn right now that I haven’t even gotten ’round to watching Episode 6 of Jersey Shore, which is mildly distressing in the grand scheme of things. What’s next: forgetting to eat breakfast? I will also say that the internet connection, or connexion, as our English friends are wont to put it, at this Old Soul Weatherstone Coffee joint is somewhat crinkly, as our friends in the fast-food potato processing business are wont to put it, and I am reasonably crestfallen about this unfortunate turn of events. But, again, I digress, said digression being a hallmark of my ping-pong ball in a clothes-dryer frame of mind this midday.

I’m playing music tonight. I will finish the car thingee later, I promise. Got some other jive if you want it, too. But if you’re in the neighborood of Luna’s Cafe, located at 1414 16th Street just north of O Street in scenic midtown Sacramento, I will be playing original music at 8 p.m. It’s an intimate all-ages venue, and the cover is $6. I’m not sure I’ll sing “When I Lost Everything,” one of my more recent songs, because I haven’t learned it yet. But here are the lyrics:

Watching the leaves fall to the ground
Listening to the mournful sound of a train whistle
Off in the distance
What will tomorrow bring?

Been staying in the spare room of a friend
Sleeping on a massage table and praying for change
My life sure turned strange
When I lost everything

This world I thought I knew turned out to be a hall of mirrors
Filled with nothing but a hundred cold reflections
And then I found myself facing the sum of all of my fears
Fumbling for an exit and some new direction

Trying to find some gratitude
For what I’ve got left but I blew all my chances
These circumstances
Feel like the end of a string

Goodbye to the house the car the job
Hello to the knowledge I got robbed of my old life
Tossed into the cold night
When I lost everything

When my old world went away I found myself standing naked
Searching for the motivation to keep going
Hoping a treasure hidden deep within might be awakened
Some way to tap into a mighty river flowing
Where does it flow?

I had nothing left to lose
I could surrender to the blues
Or else choose to accept my life
Hoping I’ll be all right

I’ve learned a lot in this past year
Like if I pick love over fear I’ve got good friends
I came to no bad end
When I lost everything
When I lost everything
When I lost everything

Please don’t get the idea that I’m some miserable, self-pitying bastard. I’m not. I’ve got a pretty healthy appetite for all the good things life has to offer these days, and I’m one of the most optimistic motherfuckers I know. And I am ready and willing to rock your world if you’ll let me.

So, well, I won’t tell you what to do. But I can suggest, right? —Jackson Griffith