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FAWM song number one: “Your Favorite Place”

Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 02/02/2010

So February is upon us, which means the February is Album Writing Month challenge is here for, those of us semi-insane songwriters who like that sort of thing. Last year I did it for the first time, and was able to knock out 14 songs in 14 days, and I think I had 15 or 16 total for the month (the deal is that you’re supposed to write and record a 14-song longplayer in the 28 days of February). I ended up recording them all over a day and a half toward the end of the month, and never did put them up online (if anyone can help me make that happen this year, I’d really appreciate it), but just burned them on CDs for a few friends and some other poor unfortunate souls.

So this year, I waited until midnight on February 1, west coast standard time, and got the guitar and began messing about with it, and this little kinda Beatle-ish ditty popped out. I’ll try to get it recorded, and record the other ones I write, as I go along this year. If you feel like hearing it, I’m probably going to bust it out at the Fox & Goose open mic tonight (Monday, February 1) if I get down there in time to sign up. It’s called “Your Favorite Place.”

Here are the lyrics:

Everybody’s got a favorite place
Where they go when the world comes apart at the seams
Thank you for showing me your sacred space
Where you slow down the world to a pleasant dream

Of somewhere lost in space
Yeah beam me up with you back to your favorite place

I could while away some hours with you
On the rocks by the river just watching it flow
Out among the wildflowers with you
As you talk and I listen to you we go

Somewhere sun-kissed by grace
Yeah tell me what you dream of in your favorite place

Here we are now
Be still my heart now
Do not wreck this moment
Want to kiss you
Instead I’ll listen
It don’t make sense I know

You have the most beautiful face
So tell me all about you in your favorite place

With the sunlight on the river the geese
In the sky and the green all around you and I
Everything so right and quiet and peaceful
I’m high on the scene here that you were kind

Enough to share a taste
Yeah thank you for taking me to your sacred space
Yeah thank you for taking me to your favorite place

Yeah, it’s a bit hippie-dip for me, but I seem to be in a pretty good place these days, at least head-wise, so maybe I’ll whip out a whole album of charming bucolic hippie pop, grow my hair and beard, don some flip-flops and meander to Marin, where I’ll roast a metaphorical bowl (because I’m like all straightedge and Jack Webb and stuff in real life) and communicate telepathically with the abalone.

I mean, weirder things have happened, right? —Jackson Griffith


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  1. Warren Bishop said, on 02/02/2010 at 06:21

    FAWM is a cool idea, but I really can’t diengage my inner censor/editor enough to crank out 14 songs in a month, let alone a year. Glad you can, though.

    • jaxong said, on 02/02/2010 at 07:46

      One song at a time, Warren. It isn’t as hard as you think once you disengage your inner editor and censor. The trick lies in turning on the faucet and letting it flow without trying to mess with it too much. Just play around on the guitar, and when a song starts showing up, let it manifest without trying to change it into something else. Does that make any sense?

      • Warren Bishop said, on 02/02/2010 at 11:40

        Oh yeah, the best stuff does come that way; my problem is that I have so much extra noise around me (job, wife, kid, house stuff) that I rarely have the time to actually “let” the song in. I do most of my lyric writing while driving to and from work; it’s the only time I have to myself and it’s good for a few lines to work with during the week. I come up with chord progressions and riffs all the time … it’s just finding a subject, point of view and rhymes that don’t embarrass me that’s tough.

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