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I know my name is not Merle

Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 10/02/2010

Merle Haggard I am not. I’m a lot taller than he is, but he stands far taller than me as a songwriter, and as a singer. But the most recent song I wrote for the FAWM challenge kind of touches on his consistent lyric themes — the plight of the working man, at the mercy of the banksters and the ownership class. (And, no, I’m no communist firebrand or anything; it’s just that my life experience from the past few years might make me prime recruiting material for the local commies, but I’m too much of a Buddhist navel-gazing nature buff to get all gung-ho about the revolution.)

Anyway, the following song is called “Hardly Working.” However, it isn’t country; it’s more like folk mixed with kind of a Replacements flavor. The first week challenge of FAWM was to write something about work, or a job. If I had one, I’d write about it. So because I don’t, this is what I came up with:

Never lived in a castle
Always such a working-class fool
Sold a bill of goods on TV
The pauper to the king
But that don’t matter
These days I’m hardly working

Where’s the hell’d all them jobs go?
Where’s the world we used to know
Everything’s in contraction
And I am losing traction
Nothing’s out there
These days I’m hardly working

Picking up some nickel and some dime jobs
Nothing steady, barely scraping by now
Keep on moving can’t afford to stop
Until my luck runs out

Filling out applications
Useful as masturbation
Nothing will come of this and
You can just feel it
So long good life
These days I’m hardly working

Banker’s on the telephone
Says we got your car and your home
But you still owe us money
Give us your first-born son
And I say sorry
These days I’m hardly working

At some country club out on the golf course
MBAs high-five each others’ cojones
So entitled not a shred of remorse
Squeezing blood from stones

Too many people in pain
Watch their lives circling the drain
Looking down thousand-yard stares
And my friend I’ve been there
I’m still in shock that
These days I’m hardly working
These days I’m hardly working
Hardly working

Fortunately, this week’s FAWM challenge is to write something about an inanimate object.

I can do that. —Jackson Griffith


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  1. elle wrathall said, on 10/02/2010 at 12:24

    ooo. replacements flavor. delicious.

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