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Yeah, politics. And planets, too.

Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 10/02/2010

I’m not going to apologize for posting a rant last night, but I will try to place it into context by stating that I’ve been a little under the weather, and I was frustrated I couldn’t go sing last night at open mic because my voice has been shot with laryngitis for a couple of days. And on top of that I was feeling crummy and tired and cranky and out of sorts. Sometimes, it’s best just to crawl off where you can’t inflict any vitriol on anyone when that happens.

Believe it or not, with me that’s pretty rare these days. I’m usually pretty copacetic, even though, given the awful life experiences I’ve endured in the past few years, I very well could have lost my fudge and gone postal. But for some reason — a loving God, a benevolent Universe, sweet friends, billions of nature spirits, visits to the local rose garden, meditation, cool little interactions with dogs and cats, sobriety, things I was putting into practice on a daily basis that mitigated the suffering — I was able to get through difficulties without completely losing my mind. And one of the things I have learned over time was that focusing on political solutions is a roadmap to frustration, and that usually it’s best to veer away from religion or politics when they come up as points of contention.

But the Palin thing just got me in my vulnerable spot. Maybe the experience of actually going hungry, and then seeing people walk around with Ed Hardy swag they’ve blown good money on, or reading that some entitled idiot celebrity got paid $10K to show up at a nightclub one night, or that some quitter governor of a state that contains less than half the number of people who live in the county where I reside got paid $100K to speak in front of a conference, I get sad and frustrated. Yeah, it’s easy money, and most of the world does not have that luxury and must work hard for their money. Even there, you know, I could use a steady job, and I’m smart enough to make the connection between eight years of Bush and Republican Party idiocies and a ruined economy that isn’t producing jobs. Or at least it hasn’t produced a job for me, at least yet. So occassionally, in moments of tiredness or weakness, I can get a little sad and frustrated.

One of the things I’ve found to help make sense out of seeming nonsense is that I have developed this quirky little interest in mundane astrology, which means that I like to read about planetary transits and progressions and how they will affect world events. Specifically, I got interested when the Supreme Court foisted George W. Bush into the presidency in 2000, because I had a deep fear, whether or not that was rational, that America had turned the corner and would soon be morphing into some kind of Latin American-style dictatorship. Reading the works of people like Nancy Starlight or Eric Francis or Jessica Murray or Bill Herbst or Sally Cheyne McDonald or Claudia Dikinis or the late Maya Del Mar or Ray Merriman or Joni Patry helped allay that fear, and even if you don’t believe there’s any validity at all to predictive astrology, there’s a recognition of cycles and patterns there that makes one realize that things change, and then they change again, and not to worry.

What the stargazers say about Sarah Palin is that she will have continuing moments in the limelight until the end of summer, and then interest in her will begin to fade. People lost interest in Paris Hilton, and they’ll lose interest in the similar “no there really there” qualities of Palin, too. And Palin’s fade dovetails with the conclusion of President Obama’s year of difficulty, which should begin turning around in August or thereabouts.

Or so sayeth the soothsayers.

Will that be how things play out? Who knows? Starlight (click on “Nancy’s Blog”) especially seems to have a gift for putting political events into perspective. She was consistently right on George W. Bush, and she’s been pretty dead-on regarding other political developments, too.

Plus, Nancy predicted the New Orleans Saints would win the Super Bowl.

On the dark side of prediction, however, we entered a 14-year period with Pluto transiting the sign of Capricorn, under whose aegis fall corporations and government. According to astrologers, Pluto builds something up before destroying it, so perhaps we’ll be looking at fascism — in the sense that corporations and government will become one and the same — until it becomes so overblown that it collapses or rots or otherwise comes apart. When Pluto transited Sagittarius, the sign of law and religion, from 1995 to 2008, we saw an out of control activist Supreme Court majority install one of their own party members in the presidency, and we witnessed the rise and collapse of televangelists, along with molestation scandals in the Roman Catholic Church.

Whether or not you think the above is complete horseshit, you’ve got to know we’re in for a mighty weird ride over the next decade. —Jackson Griffith


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  1. Warren Bishop said, on 10/02/2010 at 09:42

    God I loved Criswell …

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