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Call me unskillful, sometimes

Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 23/03/2010

Yesterday may not have been the greatest of days, simply because the old ego reared its ugly head. “Feed me,” it demanded, like a spoiled child. “Make me happy.” I responded by allowing awareness of this emotional pain to rise and manifest, if not in full flower, then in large-enough blooming buds to result in some kinda gnarly blog posts. Which I will own; I won’t take them down.

One post, in particular — penned late at night after I came to the semi-shocked realization that no parades in my honor would be forming in this town, and I was left to my own devices to provide my birthday amusement — gave voice to a cranky part of me that normally sits in the corner, occasionally sticking its tongue out. I did make a couple of points in that post that I’d like to clarify now, however.

Do I really think that so-called conservatives should be microchipped, tattooed with a big “666” on their foreheads and deported to somewhere in the desert on the other side of the world? No. Not really. I believe that people should be able to think for themselves, and that opinions that differ from mine are as welcome in this world as mine are. But sometimes, when the so-called conservatives’ ranting and bullying behavior crosses over several lines of civility, it does occur to me that maybe a solution so drastic may not be such a bad idea. However, implementing something like that would violate principles of respect for opposing ideas, And just because so-called conservatives would like to send us into permanent exile, or even death, does not make it a good idea to do it to them.

Do I really think that Rupert Murdoch should be stripped of his American citizenship and deported? Yes. Sometimes, one must not back away from the obvious. This one man has done more damage to America than anyone, he has more blood on his hands than anyone, and he’s certainly earned a spot on the hit parade of American ignominy. The fact that he’s a fellow Scotsman makes it even worse. So send him away, and deal with News Corporation using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970, better known as RICO. Bust up NewsCorp, shut down the obvious criminal enterprises and propaganda outlets and well-poisoners like Fox News Channel, and sell off the other parts — 20th Century Fox, Fox Television, MySpace, HarperCollins. Identify the chief rabble-rousers, like Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and others, along with fellow travelers like Rush Limbaugh, and hold hearings on whether they should be offered chances at redemption or should instead be deported. The collective mental health of the American public demands such a drastic solution.

If my previous post offended you with its profanity, I apologize — to a degree; I probably could have said the same thing with considerably less f-bombs. But I was pissed off, and a little out of sorts because the warm feminine side of the universe was not cozying up to me and regaling me with bountiful hugs and kisses, and so, well, you’re intelligent, and it’s pretty obvious that I was bloviating in ways that Buddhists often term “unskillful.” This post isn’t entirely skillful, either, but what the hey. I just wanted to clarify some things I’d said.

And now for the bright side. We got health-care reform, passed by the House on my birthday. Yes, it has to get cleared by the Senate, but it’s clear that the ball is moving down the field in the proper direction. And after health-care reform, perhaps we can hope that some kind of financial reform gets put together and passed, and maybe we’ll get some media reform, too. One can hope, but hope is an ephemeral thing, and some of us have lived long enough to see hopes dashed many times.

That said, I really don’t mind a little moment of victory occasionally. Especially when it leaves the opposition bellowing like cranky toddlers coming down off a Cap’n Crunch buzz. —Jackson Griffith


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