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Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 10/04/2010

There are times when posting on here feels a bit like mumbling into a vacuum. And while I’m grateful for a few friends who show up here and leave nice little notes, I get curious what everyone’s thinking when they read my rambles. Not that I’m one of those moistened finger in the wind chaps or anything, and this isn’t the precursor to any focus-group rigamarole where I want to write only what you’d like me to serve up. I’d just like to hear more frome readers — even if you’re giving me the finger.

I started this blog because I’d hit a horrible patch of writer’s block, and I blew a couple of key assignments, and I needed to do some kind of end-around to rediscover my writer’s mojo. Somewhere along the line, I realized that I really liked communicating with you, that writing was a way of connecting with you in ways that the flesh-and-blood version of me wasn’t able to do. And once I’d established that, I started hungering for more communication from those of you who read this stuff. Soooo, please feel free to write back already.

Oh, what the hey. Maybe I’ll just go write some funny shit and shut up. —Jackson Griffith


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  1. Miss Babs On Mars said, on 10/04/2010 at 01:04

    Mr. Jackson – I am posting this comment to explain why I don’t post comments to your blog. It’s a compliment to you that I don’t leave comments because I classify your work in same league with other writer’s blogs I enjoy periodically like Andrew Sullivan, the Huffington Post, Daily KOS, and Oliver Willis. In other words, it is a pleasure reading and no comments are necessary (from me). I so thoroughly ENJOY reading it!

    • jaxong said, on 10/04/2010 at 01:13

      Thanks! I totally understand. Although bantering with Andy Sullivan might be fun, no?

  2. Lisa Pahl said, on 10/04/2010 at 01:26

    Jackson – I love your blog. I have become hooked – always look forward to the next installment. Even your rants are fun to read. Sending many positive vibes your way and hope to see you one of these days soon – June in Lodi for the reunion party maybe?

    • jaxong said, on 10/04/2010 at 01:37

      Cool, Lisa! Yeah, thanks for reading. And as for a Lodi reunion, puh-leeze keep me posted, because I do not want to miss that. I’ll plan my whole life around getting down there to see everybody.

      • Lisa Pahl said, on 10/04/2010 at 01:59

        just posted on your FB wall – check your events invites and RSVP… So glad you will be coming!

      • jaxong said, on 10/04/2010 at 08:09

        Have respondez s’il vous plaited oui. See you all then.

  3. JUNK said, on 10/04/2010 at 10:30

    Heya Jaxon — You know I read the blog and love every word. Whenever you might feel down (as in, not enough eyeballs scanning the posts here) try to remember the thousands who read and ADORE your published pieces, a la SN&R. I personally tore out and foisted upon unsuspecting readers your “hipster shakedown” from a recent issue, and I got nothing but laughs and smiles galore. You rock.

  4. Robert Schaefer said, on 11/04/2010 at 14:06

    You write well.

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