The Random Griffith

Another mea culpa

Posted in apology for uh um by Jackson Griffith on 20/10/2010

Um, sorry if the quality of the posts here hasn’t been up to my usual standard. I’ve just been feeling slightly under the weather lately, and so there may be kind of a half-baked quality to this stuff where it would be fully baked with cherries on top if it came out the way it does when it’s in my head before I sit down to type.

I really love writing here, because my writing elsewhere has slowed to a trickle. If I’da had my druthers, I would have gone down to that secet Cake show at the Blue Lamp that Jerry Perry told me about like two hours before it started, and time was when I could turn on a dime and go do that. But a salad bowl called, and then an early bedtime, probably because after a few days of feeling really drug out, I figured that being all comfy in bed might trump being packed into a club like a human sardine.

Anyway, work calls. More later, perhaps. —Jackson Griffith


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