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My life in a bottle: The “chair” I never seem to deliver in person

Posted in 1) What it was like, 2) What happened, 3) What it's like now, The chair by Jackson Griffith on 11/07/2011

What will follow, over the course of whenever I get around to writing it, will be pretty much the chair, or me retelling the story of what my life was like before I quit drinking, what happened to deliver that moment of clarity, and what has happened since. This is somewhat of an ambitious undertaking, but it’s something I’ve thought about over time, and it’s something that I feel the need to do.

Some people are really good at talking, or telling their story orally. I’m not one of those people. I freeze up. I forget details. And I’m just not a people person, at least when I’m sitting in front of you. But sit me down in front of a computer, and I can write out a story that makes much better sense than I could tell it in person. I figure that since I seem to be so much better at connecting with people with my writing than I am in person, where I’m just this weird loner or wallflower, that’s what I’m going to attempt. As Al Green once put it in song: I’m so tired of being alone.

I won’t be able to lay this out in linear fashion, but I will attempt some structure. These posts will be flagged as: “1) What it was like,” “2) What happened,” or “3) What it’s like now.” So if you look at the category at the top of the post, it should tell what what I’m on about. Hope you enjoy. —Jackson Griffith


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