The Random Griffith

Post and run

Posted in self help weirdness by Jackson Griffith on 16/07/2011

Poor time management. Actually, I had a dinner engagement with some friends, and because I still don’t have my act wholly altogether so I can lie on the couch and post at home until I sort out a few issues with the people at American Telepath & Torygraph, I’ve got to repair to a coffeehouse with wifi to make these dispatches. But that’s the whole deal about this commitment to post every day: Sometimes you just gotta do a drive-by.

And so, it’s Friday evening. I’m still wound up, my processor overclocked, hoping I can relax a little from the nervous wreck I’ve been lately. The yoga book made it from the stack on the floor to somewhere on my bed, and I’m thinking about taking a long walk sometime, too. And maybe I’ll engage in theraputic writing of some sort, and I’ll cook up some healthy stuff in the refrigerator, and I’ll even get some sleep.

Anyway, more later. —Jackson Griffith


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