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I wasted a whole evening

Posted in a b c = apple butthurt column by Jackson Griffith on 20/07/2011

Goddammit. I wasted a whole fucking evening typing a long (1,200 word) post. I clicked to post it. I got the spinning Steve Jobs beach ball of death. It went on for 10 minutes, and then I finally force quit. When I opened up the browser again, only a fraction of what I’d written got saved as a draft. I don’t have the motherfucking time to rewrite this tonight. And it was some serious shit.

Fuck you, Apple. Seriously, fuck you. —Jackson Griffith


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  1. dreamiliscious said, on 21/07/2011 at 02:01

    hey there. I feel your frustration. And, I’ve been listening. I know you have some
    serious stuff to get out.
    Whenever shit like this happens, I tell myself it is for a purpose.
    Clear my mind, breathe and begin to write again. You may think
    what was written previously was divine, the only way it could be said,
    but inevitably what comes out now…. IS… what is written.
    So Be It.

    Hope this doesn’t make you puke in disgust. Just thought I’d share because
    I’ve been there. Writing is a gift, sometimes it is for the wind.

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