The Random Griffith

Sorry about that sabbatical

Posted in apology for not posting for a while by Jackson Griffith on 31/08/2011

Nah, I haven’t been on vacation or anything. I just went through a period where I didn’t have a whole lot to say that wasn’t about some navel-gazing crapola about me me me, so I decided to take one of them hiatuses until I could sort things out. I still haven’t sorted it out, but I’ll probably be back more regular-like, especially when I figure out how to post recordings of some tunes I’ve written and recorded.

Lately, I’ve been working. That, and practicing guitar, trying to bring my playing up to the point where I’m too damn good to ignore. That may take a while. Other than that, I started circumnavigating the park up the street a few laps; I try to do it several times a week, if not every night. I wish I were that perfect, but no. Some days, the time just seems to slip away. Oh, and I’m eating way more salads. Huzzah!

The best part is that my formerly heavy mood has lightened considerably. Till nest time. —Jackson Griffith


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