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You got to clean your clothes and wash your face

Posted in hipster gibberish, laundromat posts by Jackson Griffith on 28/11/2011

Another Sunday, another trip to the laundromat. I’m a pretty mundane guy, really. I like to go to bed on Sunday night knowing all my clothes are folded and put away or, for certain shirts, hanging in the closet. You know, enough to get me through the work week, to spare. There’s nothing like hitting Thursday and not having clean underwear or socks, or a clean shirt.

There are other things I’d rather be doing during the week than laundry. Not that I hate doing laundry; I’ve developed a bit of an obsession, that’s become a routine, and I tend to be a person of routines. Call it my Asperger geekiness: I often will eat the same thing at the same restaurants, and drive the same routes, and cook the same stuff at home over and over, and I have to force myself to make other choices.

Although it doesn’t really matter what I do, really. I mean, I’ve got no one really vying for my time, so I can get up and do what I want, and not have to plan it out, or argue better this than that, and I don’t have to answer to anybody. Not even a cat, or even a girlfriend. Wife? Forget it. I’ve pretty much figured out that this flying solo is my lot in life at this juncture, and I really can’t see things changing out of the blue, so what I can do is take good care of myself and enjoy life, one present moment at a time.

Lately, a lot of my present moments have been filled with this obsession I have to become a better guitarist. So I hunker down in my tiny apartment with books of tablature, translating the arcane symbols on the page into music via my fingers, the left-hand ones on the guitar fretboard, and the right-hand ones dangling over the sound hole, plucking the strings. Or trying to make music. It’s slow work, really, and the improvements seem glacial.

It’s taken me months to get even a few of Taylor’s songs down, because the arrangements are so deliciously intricate. I can do halting and tentative versions of “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” and “You Can Close Your Eyes,” and I’ve got about 12 of the 15 pages of tablature memorized for the first guitar (there’s a second guitar part, too) on his cover version of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend.” I’ll probably work to get those three as “mastered” as I can before I move on to other songs. I have some Beatles and Jobim and Joplin and Bach books I want to work out of, too.

Which is good that I’m such a loner. If I had a social life at all, I’d never learn these difficult tunes. It use to be that I wanted to play music because I thought that might be a keen way to meet women, but now I just do it because I’m in love with the process itself, and there aren’t any women to be found. I also write a lot of songs, some of which I think are pretty good, but the only way I will get people to listen is to be able to play them really well. And I am hoping that some of what I’m learning from sweet baby James will start turning up in my own repertoire as well.

So there’s your update. Hope you’re having a swell week. I am. —Jackson Griffith


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  1. Dane Henas said, on 06/12/2011 at 01:02


    We need to hang out at Bows! It’s a real cool place–not at all like a bar. Really nice young people work there–gives you hope for humanity in some way. You can go in there, have an adult beverage and talk to intelligent, creative people without a big screen TV fighting for attention. I digresss–I was listening to Unfamiliar Fishes, a great book by Sarah Vowel (I’m listening to the audio book because I love Sarah’s cute little voice) because I just got back from visiting the folks in Hawaii–another story. She was saying she can’t go into a bar or restaurant or bar with a TV without being mesmerized by the TV–and she hates TV.

    Anyway Bows & Arrows is great and is owned by two of the most beautiful ladies in town–one very classy and the other one is trouble (just testing to see if Trisha reads this!–actually her energy and wide-eyed idealism is very captivating and inspiring for a cynical old fart like myself).

    Glad to see you’re doing so well and getting back in the game!

    • Jackson Griffith said, on 12/12/2011 at 11:05

      Yeah. Message me your number again on FB and I will call you. My phone toasted and I lost all my numbers. Love to hang out there with you guys. Maybe Rodney will recognize me next time.

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