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A little shameless self-promotion

Posted in Uncategorized by Jackson Griffith on 01/04/2010

So I’m back writing again, and if you look in the April First issue of the Sacramento News & Review (which technically publishes tomorrow but hits the stands sometime today), there are a few items in there penned by yours truly. I really enjoy an opportunity to write teh funny, so thanks to R.V. and Nick at the SN&R for giving me the shot.

While I’m on the self-promo tip, here’s a link to my old MySpace music page, if you weren’t aware of it. There are 10 original songs up there. Sorry I haven’t had it together to post any of the new songs I’ve written, but I have to record them first, and that just hasn’t been in the cards in the past month for various reasons. Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to fix that, at least in part, next week. Here’s hoping.

And my apologies for not dishing up more new stuff to read. I’m working on some other things right now, and I need to make some money. This kind of bohemian existence I’ve been forced by circumstances to lead may be charmingly romantic in books and movies, but in real life, not so much. And I have started several posts, but elected not to finish them, because I either wasn’t inspired enough to finish, or else they were heading down the dark side of the street. Not that I want to be Mister Perky here, but I don’t want to be Eeyore, either. The latter isn’t really me. Really.

Anyway, here’s to gushing fountains of creativity for all of us. Hope the SN&R stuff I did makes you laugh, and I look forward to reading and laughing at what other people came up with for April First, which is my St. Patrick’s Day.

Because I’d rather be drunk with laughter than, well, you finish the sentence. —Jackson Griffith

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